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derek on DaqingDevil 's blog Trip to Heming Lake Wetlands Lindian(2 comments)
May 11,2013 09:04

The beer was cold! nuff said. Full Comment>>

derek on DaqingDevil 's blog My First Visit to a Chinese Hospital!(5 comments)
May 11,2013 09:00

Love the story and "Devil", (if that is your real name), your humor is certainly not lost on me as I have had similar experiences. A well written piece of work my friend. See you Sunday night. Full Comment>>

derek on news Anti-Japanese Protests Break Out Across China Over Island Dispute(6 comments)
Sep 18,2012 16:07

The point about no self-made placards is well taken. This whole thing is staged, no question. The people aren't thinking for themselves. This is not a grassroots movement. Full Comment>>

derek on news Fined & Shamed: Foreign Teacher Who Threw 5 Year-Old in Pool Pays the Price(116 comments)
Jul 05,2012 18:19

Did he actually throw her in the pool or was she already in the pool? It says she "swam" up close to him. Full Comment>>


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